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Training the modern jumper by Elmar Pollmann Schweckhorst

Training the Modern Jumper

This hands-on definitive work gives a comprehensive account of modern-day horse jumping training in Germany. Its contents range from the assessment and selection of horses through to training, health care and the ethics of caring for horses. The book begins with the history of jumping and then discusses current views and attitudes based on the values that have endured since the sport’s beginnings. The author engages openly and critically with modern riding approaches, the developments in show jumping and with course design. He explains and illustrates his views and experiences using examples from his work training successful show jumpers.



Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst describes the life, training approach and philosophy of one of the leading figures in international show jumping. When Meredith Michaels arrived in Europe, people hardly noticed the petite Californian and nobody expected her to achieve anything. Show jumping in Germany was at the time male dominated. She was not afraid of aiming high but all thought: "It’ll come to nothing because she's a woman". But she set out on a dream career – alone and with her own way of doing things. She became the first woman to become the world number 1. She won gold at German, European and world championships, and with her horses she has earned to date around 6 million euros. What made her so successful? Where did she get the energy? What is it that she does differently? Traditional German riding wisdom is that the rider "controls" the horse. Meredith's approach is the horse as partner, as an equal, along with special techniques for training and jumping. She represents a response to the new challenges from a sport undergoing transformation. 

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