Training riders

Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst trains riders from home and abroad (e.g. from the USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela and Tunisia). He runs his courses either at the Gut Bärbroich estate or at external equestrian centres. 

Training is tailored to the potential and prospects of horse and rider and takes place either at regular intervals or as compact courses, with accommodation provided when required.

One of Elmar's strengths is getting under the surface. At what level is the rider? What is his or her potential in terms of 

abilities and attitude? What is the horse capable of? Answering such questions is vital to train riders. For Elmar, training isn't just about theory and practice but also about overcoming mental hurdles.

It's a concept that works. Elmar's pupils include many champion riders. Long and close relationships with riders from around the world are further products of his committed approach.

Season planning

Elmar offers riders are support in planning their seasons, i.e. setting individual season goals. He works with riders on how to achieve their goals with tactical training plans which include the right level of rest periods. He focuses on identifying potential problems at an early stage so that counter measures can be implemented.

Competition coaching

Elmar also offers individual coaching during competitions.