The history of Bärbroich

The Gut Bärbroich estate has been in family ownership since the 1930s. We are proud that it is now in its 3rd generation and being continued in a 4th generation by our children. 

Here are the milestones in the story of a locally run farm becoming an internationally renowned equestrian breeding, rearing and training centre:

The founder, Heinrich Pollmann, takes over an arable, dairy and pig farming operation. He comes with a passion for horses.

Heinrich Pollmann's nephew and adoptive son, Aloys Pollmann-Schweckhorst, becomes his successor. He develops the farm as a breeding and show jumping centre. His first horse, Friedchen, becomes the stud farm's first mare. She wins many jumping competitions herself and bears 14 foals.

The heir, Elmar Heinrich, is born.

A second son, Alois, follows.

The farming business switches focus to horse rearing, a riding school is opened.

Aloys’ son Elmar and his wife Christiane take over the estate with 30 hectares of pastureland and accommodation for 60 horses – around 25 from its own breeding stock.

Aloys Pollmann-Schweckhorst becomes the most successful breeder in North Rhine Westphalia.

2004 and 2005
Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst becomes the most successful breeder in Rhineland.